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SBS Sourcing, partner of Media.Monks, has reported this article written in collaboration between Jakub Otrząsek, VP of Data, APAC and Edie Cheng, Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics, Media.Monks.

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SBS Sourcing, as a partner of Freewheel technology, reveals that on the 29th of March Freewheel will announce “new self-service capabilities to TV buyers that enable unified audience-based planning on premium Connected TV (CTV) inventory, with deduplicated reach about linear TV.

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In early February 2022, Google announced the launch of the new Search Ads 360 (SA360) experience with major changes to be rolled out to their leading search management platform throughout 2022. The planned updates will include a redesigned UI, improved search engine support and advanced enterprise innovation.

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This year’s spate of data and privacy revelations (and subsequent Congressional hearings) have forever changed the conversation about consumer data and privacy. SBS Sourcing knowns for years that bots are a problem. But the industry was focused on bot fraud aimed at stealing money out of people’s pockets.

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When Apple rolled out its iconic “There’s an App for That” ad campaign in 2009, the value proposition to potential iPhone buyers was spectacularly clear and easy to grasp.  Grab your phone, tap an icon, and instantly find, learn, or do just about anything you want.

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Right now, the world is battling a coronavirus epidemic. It started in December 2019, when a group of people from China’s northern Hubei province developed an unexplained pneumonia-like condition. By the end of the month, the local scientific community managed to pinpoint the source of the disease and establish its link to the SARS virus that terrorized the world 17 years ago.

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To say that Connected TV (CTV) has revolutionised how UK audiences watch content would be an understatement. Since smart TVs started to become more common in UK households in the early 2010s, CTV has evolved at breakneck speed.

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Connected TV’s rapid growth doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Despite the unstable economic situation over the last few years, audiences have continued to make CTV an increasingly large part of their content watching habits.

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Digital audio has become part of most people’s daily routines. From listening to podcasts on the commute, to streaming playlists at the gym, audiences are tuning in wherever they are – and marketers are following.

Digital audio advertising’s growth has been just as impressive as the growth of digital audio itself. Advertisers doubled their investment in digital audio between 2020 and 2022, with a total of £186 million spent last year.

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n our previous blog we provided an overview of the UK digital audio advertising market, now we’ll explore why digital audio is primed to become a key part of the advertiser’s toolkit. One event is set to shake up the industry that will make the channel even more key to advertisers: the depreciation of cookies.